Registration / Pricing policy / Inflation

After the 2020/21 pandemic, we are now facing another unfavourable trend, the recent sharp increase in prices. All the media are reporting on this, the topic is omnipresent. These increasing prices will also cause additional costs for us. But far be it from us to increase all admission prices because of this. What we have to do, however, is to keep the financial risk in check.

However, we do not want to ask those who have paid in advance to pay, because we are still very interested in having as many participants as possible pre-register and pay in advance. Therefore, we have discussed the situation again and renewed the preferential pricing for the pre-payers as follows:

Registration and prepayment until 31 May 2023      EUR 120

After that date, pre-registration will no longer be possible. However, the entrance fee at the beginning of the meeting will be EUR 150 for the reasons mentioned above. We would like to encourage all participants to benefit from the favourable pre-registration prices, so those who register and pay by 31 May 2023 will not have to pay any surcharge.