The Organising Committee receives a number of recurring questions. In this section, we provid some answers to the main questions.

I registered before the postponement of 2021, is my registration still valid?

Yes, all registrations that have been registered and paid for are valid, regardless of the date on which they were made.

What is included in an entry ticket?

An entry ticket includes access to the campsite for the whole week for one vehicle and 2 adults (driver and co-driver). Children born in 2007 or younger do not pay an entrance fee.

Is it possible to bring a caravan or other vehicle?

Yes, this is possible. You just have to register your vehicle in its category. If you have a 2CV on a trailer, then you must register the 2CV as the main vehicle.

Is it possible to have electrical access to the campsite?

No, only people who have an essential need (e.g. for health reasons) can apply for it. An area will be reserved for them.

Is there an entrance fee for day visitors to the campsite?

No. Only registered persons are admitted to the campsite. With the ticket “person without vehicle” you can visit the campsite for 40 euros for the whole 5 days.

What is the entrance fee for the day at the festival site?

There is no entrance fee. Access to the festival site with its numerous animations is free for all participants and all visitors.

Will there also be a traditional flea market for participants?

Yes, as usual every day in the morning for participants.

When does the campsite open and close?

The campsite will open on Tuesday 25 July at 10:00am. A closing party will be held on Saturday evening, 29 July. Sunday 30 July is the departure day and the campsite must be empty by 12:00noon on Monday 31 July.

What payment systems will be available on site?

A cashless system will be available for all on-site purchases, with the exception of the flea market. Cashless cards can be loaded at the information stand by credit card (Visa, Mastercard), twint or cash (CHF, EURO).

How can we get to Delémont easily?

A shuttle bus in the form of an oldtimer will run between the festival site and Delémont every day at different times.

Is there WiFi on the site?

No. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi available on the meeting site. If Internet is required, we recommend purchasing a SIM card or E-SIM for your device from one of the Swiss telephone providers (see PDF). These restaurants in the region (see PDF) offer WiFi. And this link may be useful to you : Switzerland – WiFi – General Facts.

Are there ice cubes?

Ice cubes stations list (see PDF)

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