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Dear friends of the 2CV / dear Citroenists

The corona crisis in the first half of 2020 has severely affected or cancelled all events
planned for this year at global level. Most 2CV events were also touched.

Despite these experiences, the Organising Committee (OC) of the 2021 World Meeting,
which will be held in Switzerland, is continuing its work steadily and consistently to ensure
that the event can be held in any situation. Therefore, the current plan will be maintained and adapted if necessary.

Should a similar situation arise next year as in 2020, with the resulting legal restrictions for
events, we will of course have to act accordingly.

In any case, we will do our utmost to be able to hold the 2021 World Meeting with all preregistered participants. Of course, in special cases we also trust in the understanding and
cooperation of all meeting participants and visitors.

In any case, the OC will pull out all the stops to carry out the WET 2021 – in the extreme case
with a smaller participation. There would be no selection procedure – admission would be
based on the date of the received pre-registrations – there is no other way. Certainly,
spontaneously arriving meeting participants (without pre-registration) would then have to be turned away.

Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen and that this epidemic disappears as quietly as it came –
nevertheless this year’s corona situation could have an impact on our meeting, even if
everything goes back to normal. There are 2 scenarios:

Few people come : Because of fear and uncertainty, many people decide not to come to
WET 2021 in Switzerland. A little solidarity would do us all some good !

We are overrun : Because many meetings have been cancelled this year and especially
because there are no big meetings like DET and ICCCR, the desire to come to Switzerland
for the World Meeting is even greater and we are flooded with participants. We certainly have stricter regulations than other countries, so that in a severe case, the entrance to the meeting would have to be restricted. In this case, all those who have registered in advance would certainly be admitted, and those who arrive spontaneously might not be admitted.

That is why it is important not only for us, but also for you, that as many participants as
possible register by the end of 2020 and still benefit from the preferential rate, which is valid
until 31 December 2020.

We are always open to suggestions. Secretariat (

The OC, our Swiss 2CV and Citroen friends, as well as the region Delemont, are looking
forward to a special event, which should not only meet the expectations and wishes of all
participants and visitors, but also make us as organizers happy.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon in Helvetia !

The Organising Committee of the World Meeting of 2CV Friends 2021, President Willi Brändli