More than 30,000 m2 of land is available for festivities and 390,000 m2 for camping with all the necessary facilities. There is also enough parking space for day visitors.

On the large festival site, you will find catering facilities, several bars, a stage with music and entertainment, various market stands and a large event area for competitions, games and other joint activities. The flea market will be open every afternoon. Of course, there will also be a large campfire in the evening.

In Delémont, a vehicle museum will be set up with rare vintage cars, retracing over 70 years of 2CV History. In Delémont, in the heart of the old city, a daily entertainment programme will be offered to the general public.

The event will not take place in a racetrack or similar, but on a huge open field as in 2015 inPoland. This means that all the infrastructure has to be set up. The large central tent will host concerts every evening, a “cheese tent” with an adapted offer (fondue / raclette, etc.) as well as a “coffee tent” in which coffee and cakes will be offered during the day and cocktails and drinks in the evening until about midnight. In the evening, it will also serve as a kind of rest area, without music or noisy events.

A Jura Village (market place / foodtrucks) will be set up to provide food, drinks and, above all, local specialities.

The sanitary facilities (washing and dishwashing facilities) will be provided by water and waste water tanks. The TOI-TOI toilets, which are well known at all major events in Switzerland, will be available. Of course, there will also be shower facilities in a large building with cabins not far from the meeting place.