The first World Meeting of of 2CV’s friends took place in 1975 in Finland. They were then held every two years, each time in a different country after the election of the host country. At the first 10 Meetings the decision about the venue of the next Meeting was made on the basis of the votes of the participants. Each car was entitled to one vote.

From the 11th Meeting on, the election was held 4 years earlier. Each country represented was given 2 votes, independently of the number of participating vehicles.

Below is the list of the World Meetings already held and scheduled.

1975 – Pistohiekka, Finland (300 vehicles)

1977 – Avenches, Switzerland (400 vehicles)

1979 – Copenhague, Denmark (500 vehicles)

1981 – Zedelgem (Bruges), Belgium (1200 vehicles)

1983 – Xanten, Germany (1500 vehicles)

1985 – Cheltenham, Great Britain (1600 vehicles)

1987 – Ericeira, Portugal (1200 véhicules)

1989 – Orléans, France (2500 vehicles)

1991 – Haslital, Switzerland (2000 vehicles)

1993 – Nurmes, Finland (1650 vehicles)

1995 – Maribor, Slovenia (1700 vehicles)

1997 – Eddandam, The Netherlands (3554 vehicles)

1999 – Skotina Beach, Greece (1700 vehicles)

2001 – Seeboden, Austria (3028 vehicles)

2003 – Vinadio, Italy (3765 vehicles)

2005 – Kelso, Scottland, Great Britain (2764 vehicles)

2007 – Borlänge, Sweden(2031 vehicles)

2009 – Most, Czech Republic (3335 vehicles)

2011 – Salbris, France (7036 vehicles)

2013 – Alcañiz, Spain (2500 vehicles)

2015 – Torún, Poland (2272 vehicles)

2017 – Ericeira, Portugal (2137 vehicles)

2019 – Samobor, Croatia

2021 – canceled due the Covid pandemic

2023 – Delémont, Switzerland

2cv Scene Switzerland

Switzerland’s 2CV club scene exists since approx. 1970. In the beginning there were mainly activities of the regional 2CV clubs like convois, barbecue events and the first Pentecost meeting was hosted in the Swiss mountains. Since there were already other 2CV clubs in Germany it was an obvious idea for them to visit the events of the clubs in Switzerland. This resulted in the first international meetings with more and more participants.During the 70ties Swiss 2CVs participated in the 2CV-Raids Paris-Persepolis, Paris-Kabul and other legendary events.  Swiss participants also joined the Raid USA, Raid Canada and Raids in Australia.

In 1973 Swiss teams participated in the first POP-CROSS in Argenton s. Creus (F). At this time with no real success, but the Swiss teams soon became an integral part of the 2CV cross scene and joined many races in France and Italy. Soon, almost every Swiss 2CV club started to organize a 2CV meeting. Most weekends were spent at a meeting. Friends from all over Europe joined in for most meetings. Some even drove to Switzerland from Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands just to join a meeting for a weekend. Swiss drivers also visited a lot of meetings in the other European countries, sometimes arriving quite late at night and always happy to find some friends at the campfire inviting them for a deserved welcome drink.

Over the years the Swiss Pentecost Meeting evolved to a Swiss National Meeting. Till today every year another Swiss 2CV club hosts this meeting which still attracts visitors from several countries. In the early years hundreds of 2CVs joined those meetings, but over the years the number of cars decreased to stable 120-150 cars visiting the meeting every year. In addition there are still some other 2CV meetings in the various regions of Switzerland which are organized each year.

It has always been – and still is – a fantastic time. It was also the time of free love during, before, after and in between the 2CV meetings (some of us certainly remember the squeaking of the shock absorbers). Naturally this resulted in quite a few marriages – for some of them Swiss drivers even drove as far as Denmark. Marriages were followed by a lot of 2CV kids and for many the 2CV meetings turned into meetings of a very big family. Many of those 2CV kids are still visiting 2CV meetings and are now more than willing and highly motivated to organize and host the 24th World Meeting of 2CV Friends.