The online registration is closed. Please register directly at the meeting.

Prices for the 24. World Meeting of 2CV Friends 2023 (from 1 June 2023)

Price for vehicle (including driver and co-driver):

  • € 150.00 – Citroën 2CV and derivatives + HY
  • € 185.00 – Citroën before 27.07.1990
  • € 210.00 – Citroën after 27.07.1990
  • € 310.00 – Other (not Citroën)

Vehicle prices always include the entry price for the driver and co-driver. Additional passengers can be added during the ordering process. The cost is an additional EUR 40 per person. Children under 16 (from 2007) are free!

Price without vehicle:

  • € 40.00 – Person without a car. Choose this option only if you are not travelling in a car. (e.g. bicycle, camping).

Free admission to the festival area (incl. concerts). You must register to enter the camping area (e.g. hotel guests, day visitors). A car park for classic cars is available in front of the festival site.

In case of a refund request, 5% of the registration fee will be deducted to cover administrative costs.

Additional information in the directive “2CV World Meeting 2023”.