There will be plenty of entertainment throughout the week, including concerts every night.

Concert sunday 30. 07. 2023

The Boogie Heads were born in 2017 from the ashes of the band Charlie Gilbert & The Rockin’ Bluesmen. Charlie Gilbert (vocals, guitar), a veteran with a passion for blues and old rock, invited Charlie G., a rock guitarist since the70’s (Atlantic Sound, Longway) and Angelo Oliva, a drummer with a 25 year background in the blues and rock scene (Seven Moon, Les Talus, Kissing Toads) to join him following departures. The style and sound of the band, now renamed The Boogie Heads, took a more rock direction than before, while revitalizing some of the blues of the old repertoire.

In 2020, Claude Maître (Marenghin’s rock bass player) became the band’s bass player. In 2022, Luca Maturo was invited to reinforce the formation, having convinced thanks to his experience and his talents as a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, harmonica, singing).

The Boogie Heads have played an average of ten concerts per year since 2017, from Geneva to Basel, although mainly in the Jura arc. The Boogie Heads play in a natural way rock or blues in the style of the 60s and 70s, music in which they were immersed in their youth, whether through their own compositions, adaptations of some known titles or other more obscure ones. There is no doubt that The Boogie Heads will make you shake your head, tap your foot, and even jump up and down with pleasure.


Concert saturday 29. 07. 2023

CRAZY DIAMOND – The Pink Floyd Tribute — It’s like a good wine: it gets better with age. Crazy Diamond has been rocking the stage for over 20 years. A couple of grey hairs may have been added, but the message remains the same: pure Pink Floyd! The fans know the songs inside out. Crazy Diamond performs them with a disconcerting authenticity, but always adds a few extra bricks to the fire. The live shows are a treat for the ears. The songs are more powerful and dynamic than on the albums, with a special flavour and a few personal notes. Songs like “Another brick in the wall”, “Wish you were here” and “Time” resonate with a new strength. The band can’t help but regularly dig into the archives, bringing out a long-forgotten oldie to make it shine again. So: soak up the good vibes, delve into the past, listen to “echo of a distant time”, feel the goose bumps and “breathe in the air”. Pink Floyd is alive!


Concert friday 28. 07. 2023

OPEN SEASON — Keep My Fire Burning… Open Season is the number one reggae-ska band in Switzerland. With sold-out shows in the best clubs, performances at all the major Swiss festivals and several tours in European cities, the band from Bern is heating up the audience far beyond the national borders. The band has been playing on national radio stations and has releases in Europe, the USA and Japan. Open Season brings its own version of reggae, rocksteady and ska and, after more than 700 shows, knows what counts: it has to be loud and powerful.

Open Season plays ska, rocksteady and reggae. Lots of bass, jazzy horns, charismatic vocals and sophisticated electro sounds… The band’s authentic sound bridges the gap between the crackle of vinyl singles and the scream of synthesizers.


Concert wednesday 26. 07. 2023

Traktorkestar — The band that tears your heart and head off, that knocks out any big band and can motivate any town band between the Iberian Peninsula and Asia Minor. High-speed disco-grooves, wild siren sounds, tear-jerking melodies, nostalgic tunes that rock the skies, always gritty and dangerous! The contemporary interpretation of the genre is fully expressed in live concerts. For some, the performance culminates in a frenzy of dance, for others too. Traktorkestar not only combines its own music with that of the Balkans, it also builds bridges between city and village, between tradition and modernity, between the tractor and the orchestra!


Concert thursday 27. 07. 2023

Perfect Strangers — Immerse yourself in the golden age of Deep Purple.

Perfect Strangers places “The Roots and Trees of Deep Purple” at the centre of their musical creation. Deep Purple, that legendary icon, gave birth to many bands such as Whitesnake, Rainbow, Black Country Communion and many others.

Perfect Strangers revives legendary songs such as Fireball, Burn, Smoke on the Water, Child in Time, Knocking At Your Back Door and many more, with a faithfulness to the sound and a closeness to the original. The five experienced musicians from central Switzerland, Arnd Sommer (vocals), Urs Künzli (guitar), Stefan Schmid (Hammond), Daniel Schällibaum (bass) and Remo Sommerhalder (drums), are the guarantors of a rocking atmosphere on stage.

Perfect Strangers has captured the spirit of this legendary rock band and travels back in time with their live performances.


Concert tuesday 25. 07. 2023

Since 1997, BronxX is a rock band that performs all over Switzerland. Over ¼ of a century at full throttle and not at all tired. This is how the five musicians and their frontwoman enjoy live concerts and let their joy and sparkle spread to the audience. They guarantee a rocking evening with a selected repertoire that guarantees rock gems from the 70s to the 90s and highlights from a long and exciting rock history.